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Life Chiropractic Centre is home to one of the best chiropractors you can turn to, no matter if you have of late hurt yourself to whether you have been having a long-standing medical condition. Our highly qualified, skilled and experienced chiropractor in Cannon Hill will use all the experience and expertise to address your condition and find the root cause behind to find a solution.

So are you experiencing headaches, mid-back pain, neck pain, sciatica, lower back pain, or issues resulting from poor posture? Visit us. Our chiropractor will identify the source of your problem and give prompt pain relief.


How will our Cannon Hill Chiropractor help you?

They will recommend certain standard physical tests, such as palpating your spine and pelvis and noting your typical gait and posture.

In the event that it is determined that you require chiropractic care, our Cannon Hill chiropractor will employ a range of methods, which might include:

  • Low-force adjustments by pressing or pushing with the hands
  • In order to address bad posture, which is the cause of many different low back and back issues, corrective posture practices and stretching are recommended by our back pain chiropractor in Cannon Hill.
  • Massage, if appropriate, involves the manipulation of soft tissues
  • Prescriptive exercises in the form of a series of movements to address poor mobility and posture.

Thus, the bottomline is that our chiropractor can help in:

  • Understanding your issue
  • Stopping you pain
  • Increasing your flexibility and movement
  • Helping you do what you enjoy doing

The bottom line is that we will conduct an alternative natural treatment, whereby we help the body develop the ability to generate means to eliminate the cause that are behind your ailments and conditions.

What conditions are eliminated by Chiropractic treatment in Cannon Hill?

Apart from lower back pain, our chiropractic treatment helps in elimination of

  • Mid back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Poor Postures
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica

When you come to our Cannon Hill chiropractic healthcare clinic, our chiropractor will first assess your general health to see whether you require any kind of chiropractic treatments, or whether you need chiropractic treatment at all.

If yes, they will recommend certain standard physical tests, such as palpating your spine and pelvis and noting your typical gait and posture.


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Call us at 07 3843 4300 to set up a meeting with our professionals. You can email us at to know further about our treatment and deliverables.

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