Our Clinic has a variety of products that you can purchase in-store and we are always updating our Clinic with the best products to assist you on your journey to health.


Carefully selected with you in mind.

We take the time to carefully select products that meet our Client’s needs and help alleviate pain and discomfort in their lives. 

Our products range from high arch thongs to nutritional supplements that are designed to aid you in your day to day living. 


Arch support Thongs

Archies Arch Support Flip Flops look just like ‘normal’ flip flops, yet provide the same amount of support of a typical orthotic, providing comfort never before seen in a regular pair of flip flops.

By addressing many of the issues associated with ‘regular’ flat flip flops we have re-defined what your pair of flip flops ought to be.

Available in various sizes and colours in our Clinic.

Posture and Neck Supports

We stock a range of posture and neck support tools in our clinic that help promote correct seated and standing posture as you go about your day.

Our popular contour pillows and neck support pillows provide extra support to the head and neck whilst you sleep.

Chat to our team to see which products are best suited to you.

Metagenics Supplements

Vitamins and Supplements

Our Metagenic vitamins and supplements are designed to support energy production, metabolism, healthy cognitive and heart function, as well as aiding in healthy ageing processes. 

We also stock supplements such as magnesium, collagen, and more; all designed to support a healthy body and aid in recovery.

Available for purchase in our Clinic.

Brands that we stock

Life Chiropractic stock Innate Choice products in-store
Nutraviva Collagen is available for purchase at Life Chiropractic
Life Chiropractic stock Bio Practica products in-store
Metagenics vitamins and supplements are avaikable for purchase at Life Chiropractic
Archies Thongs
Life Chiropractic stock The Orthotic Group products in-store
Life Chiropractic stock Vasyli products in-store
Life Chiropractic stock RX Bar products in-store

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