Feeling sluggish after your meal?

Karen Pyke
Karen Pyke


are you feeling sluggish after your meal?
How does your food leave you feeling? 
– Do you feel energised after a meal? 
– Do you feel sluggish after a meal? 
– Do you feel satisfied? 
– Do you feel hungry? 
– Do you feel content? 
– Do you feel bloated and in pain? 
Listen to your body.
The symptoms it is giving to you are for a reason. Your body is trying to tell you something! You can either LISTEN to it whisper now or SCREAM later.
Our Nutritionist Karen Pyke is here to help you. She can help you understand what foods are right for you, with the tailored to you Metabolic Balance program knowing what you should eat has never been easier.
Your first consult is free – Karen is available Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7am-11am
Call us on 3843 4300 to book your appointment 
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